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Health Risk Assessment

At 365Wellness we know that the path to success starts with a plan. How often have you gone to a health care provider and it seemed like all that happened was treating and chasing symptoms without really getting to the bottom of the real issue? If you are like most people the answer is likely “ Very Often”. What if we told you that just like any success story, the most important part of getting where you want to go is starting with plan of some kind? To be honest, even a bad plan is better than no plan at all! This is because having a plan ( like a map) allows you to know where you are starting and chart where it is that you intend to go. And if for some reason you stray off your charted course it is very likely that you can get right back on track by referencing where you deviated from your original plan.  It wont always be easy but the alternative of wandering aimlessly through your health journey with no clear starting point and no destination is a lot more scary isn’t it. That’s why every customer/owner at 365Wellness receives a comprehensive health risk assessment so that we can not only identify where you are starting, but also give you the best route to get to your ultimate destination….Wellness each and every day of your life. For more about the 365 Health Risk Assessment and how it can help you change your life click here.

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