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Wellness has become a buzz word in recent years that has come to mean a whole host of things, none of which actually represent the true meaning of what it is to achieve and maintain true wellness. All too often wellness is sold as something that comes in the form of supplements or fad diets or even through alternative health therapies however nothing could be further from the truth.

Even more concerning is that the word “wellness” appears to have become the go to word for physical rehabilitation clinics that for the most part wait until people are injured in car accidents or through work injuries and then attempt to put them back together as best as they can. While this may very well be a necessary short term service when people are sick, it is the opposite of wellness care: it is illness care and that’s not us! Don’t get us wrong, we are concerned with helping you get over your short term health problems but then the focus must shift to creating wellness…..otherwise we are simply setting you up for a lifetime of revolving door healthcare which is not helpful.

Wellness is not a treatment but a way of life. In addition, wellness is not one dimensional but rather the interaction of 8 distinct but interconnected dimensions. Our ability to influence overall wellness by applying medical or rehabilitative therapies is actually quite minimal and has very little effect in the long run on your overall health. That’s why at 365Wellness we don’t subscribe to giving our patients lengthy treatment plans that keep you seeing health care providers who simply put a fresh band-aid on your illness with each visit while you stay caught in the endless circle of the disease model of health care.

At 365 Wellness we know that you and only you are the key to true wellness and we are there to help you discover what is keeping you from achieving your optimal wellness and to help you focus on keeping on the right track to become the best ( and healthiest) person you can be.  To read more click here.

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