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365 wellness will maximize your potential by identifying the risks and problems and providing realistic solutions to meet your individual needs.

Have you ever wondered why we so often say that successful people are “Driven”? Driven to succeed or driven to achieve are words that we use often but a closer inspection of this term gives us clues to how we can actually achieve our goals. The words “push” or “pull” are also terms that imply we are going somewhere but they really mean that someone else is doing something to us to get us where we are going. Unfortunately this is usually amidst some type of resistance from us as the object that is being moved.

Driven, on the other hand, suggests that we are in control of where we are going and at 365Wellness we think this is a better descriptor of how we achieve better health. You see….. conventional health care is all about pushing and pulling, doing things to us rather than empowering us to be in control of our own health. At 365Wellness we want to create drivers. Why? Because…..well simply put…..pushing and pulling sounds like way too much work and truthfully 90% of the things that make you well or cause you to be sick are directly under your control anyway! That’s why we empower you both as a customer of our centre and the ultimate owner of your own health. We do this through monthly workshops that touch on all 8 dimensions of wellness, led by experts in these areas so that you can gain a deeper understanding of the role you play as a driver of your own health and provide you with invaluable tools to ensure that you get from A to B successfully. Ready to take the wheel? For a listing of our upcoming events or to sign up for one of our Be the Driver workshops click here.

Young Man doing Physical Exercise
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